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Good Mood Men

2 in 5 (43%) men admit to feeling worried or low.

A 2019 study found that music can increase dopamine (the feel good hormone) by 9%


We want to talk about men's mental health in a new way. 

We want to create a totally new way for men to look after their mental health.

Through music. 

We're bringing professional musicians into the community to work with you to create new music and new communities of men.  


What is Good Mood Men?

Good Mood Men is a new men's mental health project that brings men together to use the Arts as a way to de-stress, make new connections and learn new skills. 

 What happens in a session?

  • These workshops will use Music as a way to reduce stress and form new connections. No experience is necessary.

  • Some sessions will take place outdoors to collect sound recordings. 

  • Our sessions are science backed after meticulous collaboration with Neuroscientists to further understand how the Arts can improve mental health. 

Where are the sessions?

 We are currently setting up sessions in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. To be added to the waiting list, just contact us HERE.

Men on Beach
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