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"Working with Good Mood Creative and participating in their Theatre for Mental Health workshops has been so beneficial to our students.

In an environment where challenging behaviors often obscure the potential for growth, Good Mood Creative brought a unique approach that not only engaged our students but also provided an outlet for them. Good Mood fostered an atmosphere of trust and creativity, allowing our students to navigate their mental health challenges with courage and resilience."

Sam Phoenix, North East Cooperative Academy.

Good Mood Schools

Why choose Good Mood?

1 in 6 young people have a diagnosable mental health condition - Young Minds 2021
  • We have over 2 decades experience of designing and delivering workshops in schools.

  • Our workshops use Theatre, Dance and Music to safely explore emotions and feelings in a way that is both engaging and restorative.

  • Our workshops are in line with the Department of Education's 8 key principles towards mental health and well-being.

  • We've worked with researchers to design user friendly evaluation which we report back to schools.

  • Our sessions are science backed after meticulous collaboration with Neuroscientists and researchers to further understand why the Arts can improve mental health. We continue this groundbreaking work on new collaborations which seek to explore best practice in Arts and Health research for young people. 

I was really worried about coming today but I actually enjoyed it and my anxiety went away- Participant 14


Primary School

Key stage 1&2

Recommended time: 45 mins to full day. 

We can tailor workshops for your school and students. 

Sample workshops:

Bubbly belly: A fun session that helps children name their feelings and link to their behaviour. We use breathing exercises, games and bubbles!

Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes!: This engaging and safe session explores making mistakes and the anxiety that goes with it. This session uses games and storytelling to safely explore our fears of making mistakes while celebrating our own individuality. 

Banging Fun Stuff: Our primary school edition uses rhythm to reduce anxiety and stress in children. This engaging session uses percussion instruments, rhythm games and body percussion. This session can be delivered as a full day activity for the whole school. 

Dance Class

Secondary School

Key stage 3 & 4

Recommended time: 90 mins to full day.

We use Theatre, Dance and Music to embed good mood habits in student's day to day lives. 

Sample workshops:

Good Mood Club: An up to 12 week project that uses theatre and movement to build resilience and coping strategies. 

 Good Mood Music: The group will work to create digital music that encourages listening skills through field recordings. This session has proven to increase focus and reduce stress. 

Banging Fun Stuff: Our secondary school edition uses rhythm to reduce anxiety and stress. This engaging session uses percussion instruments and rhythm games. Themes include resilience and focus and motivation. This session can be delivered as a full day activity for school. 


SEN and Alternative Provision

At Good Mood, we believe every one has the right to enjoy the Arts wherever they go to school.

Sample settings:

SEN:  We have delivered countless workshops in SEN Schools with great success. Below are just 2 examples:

Arty Party: A one day extravaganza for the whole school. We bring Music, Theatre and Dance together for a one off interactive, epic party! 

Be a Star: This interactive session uses Theatre techniques to blow away our worries and let us be the best version of us, our own star. Session uses breathing, rhythm and games to improve focus and create calm. 

Pupil Referral Units: We have delivered in PRU's for Keystone 3 and 4. 

Bounce: This 8 week programme uses rhythm and games to build resilience, focus and new coping strategies. These sessions use science backed techniques and evaluation tools which form part of a final report to the school. 

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